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  • Welcome to Indian Hills East!
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Welcome to Indian Hills HS East

Principal's Message

Welcome Parents and Students,

IHHS -East is an alternative, academic, hybrid program located on the CHS campus in Room PA6. It offers traditional

classroom based instruction, teacher-assisted online courses, and the opportunity to continue working online independently

while at home. IHHS provides schedule flexibility and accommodation of student issues & difficulties. Students experience a

smaller teacher/student ratio as well as greater flexibility with classwork and homework responsibilities. Additionally, students

have a high level of counselor contact to help support and monitor their progress.

An effort is made to provide students with a free online summer session opportunity to continue recovering credits.

IHHS is primarily a credit recovery program assisting students who have failed multiple classes or who have moved around

from school to school and lost credits.

IHHS provides traditional classroom instruction for all levels of English and Social Studies. In addition we offer online APEX

courses in Math, Science, English, and Social Studies as well as some electives. PE is not offered through IHHS.

Students can take from one to as many as five classes through the IHHS program.

IHHS classes ARE NOT A-G compliant for the UC and Cal State Universities and are not NCAA approved. If a student has 4

or more IHHS classes as a senior, they will receive an IHHS diploma. Seniors with 3 or fewer classes receive a CHS diploma.

All IHHS classes are denoted as such on the student’s transcript.

IHHS students are responsible for attending class on campus - even if they are doing an APEX online course. Online courses

are worked on in with a credentialed teacher present. The advantage of the APEX courses is that they can also be worked on

at home, during a service period, and on any smart device. Diligent students have the potential to complete quite a bit more

course work “online” than they could in a traditional classroom setting. Students who attend regularly are rewarded with “seat

time” credits. Those who do not attend on a regular basis reduce the likelihood of graduating on time and/or receiving a


An IHHS sophomore or junior has the opportunity to catch up on credits with IHHS and return to the General Education

environment the following year. Students may also choose to stay in at least one IHHS class through senior year.

If you think your student is a good candidate for the IHHS-East program. Please fill out and sign the attached page and/or

contact the IHHS counselor,
Kelly Lowry, at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

Parent permission is required for a student to enter the IHHS program. Click HERE

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Our Mission

The mission of the Las Virgenes Unified School District is to ensure that all programs are dedicated toward enhancing student achievement, and that each school is a humanistic organization, valuing students emotionally and academically, providing the highest quality education possible in a personalized environment. We aspire to enable each student to realize maximum potential as a respectable citizen who will enhance the community and society.

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